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Specialists In Metal Finishing

The Diamond Metal Finishing Company Limited is an established powder coating and electroplating specialist based in Stoke On Trent, and one of the UK's leading specialist applicators of consistent, uniform high quality zinc plating, electroplating, aluminium conversion coatings and powder coating treatments.



Most notably, complete metal finishing, treatment and protection of sheetmetal components, fasteners, brackets and fabrications from many different industries, including the Aerospace  industry, MOD, Defence, Medical, Automotive and Marine.

Consistent Quality Guaranteed

Our company offers an abundance of practical experience and advice to clients who require a high level of quality and are seeking to source their FINISHING.Metal Finishing

We currently offer Alocrom 1000 & 1200 replacements with Iridite NCP and Surtec 650v conversion coating for aluminium as an alternative pretreatment.

Customers wishing to discuss their metal finishing requirements or additional pretreatments can contact us directly on 01782 822442.



Available Metal finishes




Zinc Rack Lines

Our two automatic zinc rack lines can easily handle items up to 3.6 M  x 1.1 M  x 0.5 M. Designed to be flexible and featuring auto-chemical dosing and part library, we are able to utilise these lines to deliver high volume, fast turnaround, uniform and consistent products around the clock.

Automated Aluminium Conversion Coatings

Incorporating Surtec 650v and Iridite NCP

At present this is a manual operation. However, later this year, we operate PLC controlled and automatic plant yet designed to be flexible treatment lines that will also permit manual operations when required - especially for those parts that require extra attention to drainage, blind holes and threads.


Barrel Line

Our 30-inch automatic barrel line has been designed with volume in mind but also has the facility to control small batch work for our smaller customers.


Zinc and aluminium conversion coatings can be applied to meet military and aerospace specifications including:-

  • MIL DTL 5541F Type II
  • MIL DTL 5541F Class 1A
  • Mil DTL 5541F Class 3
  • EPS 2035
  • EPS 2025-2


Why use Diamond Metal Finishing?

Because you need a metal finisher who is reliable and can give you the customer the very best quality available, by processing your parts to an unrivalled, consistant, pleasing quality, finished right first time to meet the relevant performance criteria.

Please contact us for all your metal finishing requirements on 01782 822442 or by using our contact form





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