Iridite NCP

Chrome-Free Passivation

For Aluminium, MacDermid Iridite NCP is an environmentally safe, chrome-free passivation treatment designed specifically for aluminium alloys. It applies a highly corrosion-resistant conversion coating ideally suited to be painted or left as a stand-alone corrosion resistant barrier.Iridite NCP is an innovative new process that offers extremely high resistance to corrosion, tested to 1000 hours on many aluminium alloys.

 Iridite NCP alsIridite NCPo has the ability to withstand high temperatures, so it is suitable for use on items with high operating temperatures such as automotive engine components and electronic heat sinks.

This unique property, not found in chromates, also allows applicators to increase the temperature of their dry-off ovens prior to painting, increasing throughput and productivity.

Unlike traditional Chromate treatments that require up to 24 hours to cure to a hard film, Iridite NCP provides a hard amorphous crystalline coating as formed. For new chrome free technology that meets all environmental standards, bare corrosion resistance without painting, even after heating or baking.

  • Excellent adhesion to paints, sealants and adhesives
  • Environmentally compliant–contains no hexavalent or trivalent chromium compounds
  • Simple application using spray, immersion or flood methods

Both of these items have replaced our Alocrom 1200 & 1000 processes to enable Diamond Metal Finishing to comply fully to the latest relevant environmental legislation.

Iridite NCP meets the following specifications :-

MIL – DTL – 81706

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