Removal of Alocrom 1200 service and your choices

The existing Hexavalent Chromate/Chromium Trioxide EU Authorisation expires on 21st September 2024, and as we have left the EU, EU REACH and UK REACH are entirely separate and as such uses of substances on the authorisation list need to be covered by a GB-held authorisation, 1st June 2024 being the proposed sunset date.

Within our portfolio of finishing options, The Diamond Metal Finishing Co Ltd has made the decision to commence fading out of certain processes to comply with the above expiring legislation and intend to cease our Alocrom 1200 facility by 31st October 2023.

As an alternative, we offer direct replacements in the form of Iridite NCP and Surtec 650V . Both products conform to the legislation and have offered these products for many customers for some years now and see the steady migration trend accelerating.

Further information on the properties and performance criteria of Iridite NCP & Surtec 650v can be found on our website under our aluminium conversion coatings tab.

Or alternatively please feel free to contact any of our team on +44 0 1782 822442.



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