We apply surface treatments to the rocket, weapon, propulsion, satellite skin & electronics markets.
Autosport, Automotive and Agricultural

Autosport, Automotive & Agricultural

We apply various coatings in these sectors to hydraulic pipes, fasteners, brackets, pre adhesive bond coatings for motorsports structures, inserts and general fabrication to most markets.


We apply coatings for military & defence applications, to radar, weapon, nuclear, military vehicles equipment etc.

Precision Engineering

We have a choice of treatments we can apply to aluminium, mild steel, and stainless steel. Whether it’s small complex components, or large dimension parts we can help!


We offer various option for the telecommunications sector from internal parts of radial communications and senders to internal network cabinets requiring a level of corrosion protection, aesthetic features or functionality.

Rail & Bus

We offer a selection of chemical conversion coating pre-treatments & primer options for your application, particularly to Internal skins and carriage doors to prevent delamination. Also for this sector we also include electro-static coatings including powder and Plascoat to satisfy aesthetics and warm to touch applications with many variations of gloss level, or textured finishes. Click here to download our colour chart

Life Sciences & Spectrometry

Chemical conversion coatings are applied to many applications in this market. Contact us, we have plenty of experience and we may just be able to help!

Oil & Gas

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Precision Sheet Metal

With 3 lines in operation at highest capacity in facility with a 24-hour operation, we process small bracketry to large metal panels and assemblies with bright, uniform and consistent aesthetical appearance.

Capacity 3.6M x 1.1M x 0.5M PLC automated


We apply a selection of treatments to facilitate, aircraft interior structures including, toilets, Bars, Seat trays, Rack & pinions and internal components of aircraft seating.

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