Phosphoric Acid Anodising

Our PAA facility is being upgraded continuously to improve turnaround and capacity to assist demands.

From the aircraft VIP seating, aircraft interiors, Motorsport, Rail and other related Aerospace and Defence requirements. In fact for all industries requiring mechanical locking techniques for the preparation of aluminium to receive Bond primers prior to most structural and honeycomb composite to aluminium skin adhesive applications.

Phosphoric acid anodising, or PAA, was developed by the Boeing Company, as a structural bonding surface and is the ultimate and preferred method used for structural adhesive bonding in high-humidity environments.

This process is known as the “Boeing Process.”

The formed oxide film has a greater durability under adverse conditions than film formed in chromic acid anodising.

One of the reasons for the great adhesive property is said to be due to the morphology of the oxide film, which consists of pores with whiskers or protrusions on the top surface of the formed film.

Can be applied to most aluminium alloys in most ……composite to aluminium honeycomb sandwich panels applications etc.

Our processes conform to the following specifications:

  • ASTM D3933-98
  • ARP1524 Rev. A
  • Zodiac/Safran Aerospace Standard EPS 2035
  • Zodiac/Safran Aerospace Standard EPS 2025-2
  • Safran Aerospace NTG 092
  • Safran Aerospace NTB 103
Structural Bonding and Primers (Choice of)
  • EW-5000-AS
  • Cytec BR127 [SP]
Other Primers are available by request!

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