Surtec 650V

SurTec 650V is a hexavalent chromium free passivation for aluminium, suitable for alloyed and casted aluminum. It is also used as a pre-treatment before lacquering, powder coating and gluing.

  • It produces an iridescent, faintly blue to tan and visible(V) layer.
  • It has excellent bare corrosion protection comparable to hexavalent passivation.
  • Approved by Qualicoat it meets or exceeds MIL-DTL-81706B and MIL-DTL-5541F for bare corrosion (336 h in neutral salt Spray per ASTM B-117, respectively, DIN EN ISO 9227). Electrically it has a low contact resistance:
  • <5000 ╬╝Ohm per square inch per MIL-DTL-81706B.
  • Can be used as an alternative to Alocrom 1200 & 1000 subject to end use.

Processes conform to but not limited to:

  • MBDA Missile Systems BMS 1999 current revision.
  • Safran Aerospace EPS 2018
  • Leonardo AP50104299
  • Safran Aerospace specification NTG 019

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